This is one of the listenings you will find in our app that is focused on the ISE II Trinity College London qualification as also known as Trinity B2. -Introduction: you will hear the speaker telling us what is the theme of the topic she is going to talk about -1st listen: listen to the talk and try to guess what is the main idea. You will then need to tell the examiner in one or two sentences. -Instructions: the examiner will tell you what are the things she wants you to get information -2nd listen: try to remember or write down as much information you can to then tell the examiner -Answers: explain to the examiner everything you have got by either taking notes or listening to the recording Do you want to get access to 22 of these listenings? Downloading our app you will find these 22 recordings made by professionals and always based on current topics that are suitable to appear in Trinity exams. By downloading and purchasing the app, you will also get access to the answers and more exercises to improve your listenings skills. ANDROID –… iOS –… You can also get more information on our web page: https://www.trinityandcambridgeexams….